Anonymous asked:

Hey Kirin! I was just wondering, since you like headcanons about yourself and the other yogscast members, what do you think of these? Ross is a werewolf, Smiff is a humanoid slime guy that Ross and Trott kinda "found and raised", and Strife and Xephos are the same alien species and eat bugs like snacks. (still cant believe Lewis ate a caterpillar. ewww)

kirindave answered:

  1. I thought Ross was a blow wolf?
  2. Smiff is something or other, for sure.
  3. I think Strife would prefer to define his own path, so I’m not a fan of this one.

On 3, I sorta feel the same way about my own character and this “demigod” concept. The word “demi-god” sort of implies a sort of higher predestined power, whereas I have meticulously shown exactly how KirinDave has achieved what he’s achieved and anyone could copy those methods to become equally capable.